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MyMedoc: Local wines and dishes – Artisanal and local production

Virginie: daughter of traders, I am a pure-bred Médocine. After studying oenology: I founded a wine business and flew to Tahiti. Back in France, I started trading corks. I then decided to create Mymedoc to promote local products and of course good wine by favoring a short supply chain.

Béatrice: Passionate about the terroir, I accompany you on the road to good wine to discover Médoc wines in partnership with our wine growers (estates, cellars, châteaux) to understand and discover our Médoc wines in a different way.

MyMedoc highlights local Wines and Foods with Artisanal and Local Production, Regional Specialties and selects the best products for you

MyMedoc - Local wines and dishes
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Wine Bar

In the heart of Médoc, our wine bar welcomes you to the city center of its capital, Lesparre, to introduce you to Médoc wines and beers, carefully selected.

Local wines and dishes – Artisanal and local production

Tasting workshop

You wish learn to taste wine ? Discover food and wine pairings? Taste exceptional beers? MyMedoc offers you several workshops around the art of tasting, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, structured around several themes, tasting and more.

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Château Livran

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Saitouk Haut Médoc

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